Initial Start Up

We know that choosing a pharmacy to fulfill long-term care needs can be stressful for patients and facilities. The dedicated staff at Tayler Prescriptions works hard to make that process easier for all parties, offering high-quality pharmacy services that are affordable and convenient.

Long-Term Care for Patients

As a facility with unique long-term medical needs, you want to entrust your pharmaceutical needs to experienced professionals who can ensure those specific needs are met. At Tayler Prescriptions, we spend time getting to know each facility we serve laying the groundwork for a lasting relationship. Our customized approach allows us to better understand and anticipate your needs, ensuring you always have your medications filled, checked and delivered on time, every time.

Long-Term Care for Facilities and Practitioners

Tayler Prescriptions specializes in LTC medication services for nursing facilities, assisted living centers, group homes, and retirement communities. We make it easy for large operations to provide high-quality care to long-term patients by streamlining medication management, filling orders and ensuring compliance, so you have more time to focus on your patients. Our services save your caregivers valuable time and money, making your facility more efficient while keeping patients comfortable, healthy and happy.

In addition to handling your LTC medication services, we’ll also make sure your facility is stocked with:

  • Blood Glucose Machines
  • Blood Pressure Machines
  • Fax/Copy Machines
  • Reference Books
  • Medication Carts
  • Tablet Crushers
  • Gloves
  • Med Cups

At Tayler Prescriptions, we take special care of our long-term care patients and facility partners. To learn more about the services we offer, contact our offices today at 248-474-8290.