Take Control of Your Health Care

Most patients aren’t aware that in addition to filling prescriptions and counseling medications, pharmacists can actually improve and personalize the service they get from primary health providers.

When a doctor writes a prescription after an office visit, he or she may not take the time to discuss the medication with a patient in detail. That can leave patients with lingering some cost concerns, as well as uncertainty as to recommended regimens, delivery form, and timing of dosages. And to ensure medication is working as planned, it must be later assessed for effectiveness.

As a patient of Tayler Prescriptions, you don’t have to live with that uncertainty. Bring your concerns to one of our pharmacists, who can help clarify those unknowns, communicating with your health provider to tailor recommendations and guidance that incorporates your specific situation and needs. Our team will stay in touch periodically through your treatment to ensure you’re getting the care you need.

Our Drug Therapy Management Services

At Tayler Prescriptions, we’ll stay in communication with your care provider to ensure we have the full picture of your health situation. Our pharmacists can make your regimen more convenient, manageable and affordable by:

  • Compiling a record of your personal medications and treatments from your doctors to ensure all factors are considered
  • Reviewing all prescribed and self-care medications, performing a comprehensive analysis of the total plan
  • Answering your medication-related questions
  • Developing full-picture regimens for you to adhere to
  • Optimizing regimens that are complex or inconvenient
  • Recommending affordable alternate therapies

Save Money, Feel Better

More than just giving you peace of mind, relying on your Tayler Prescriptions pharmacist can actually save you time and money. When treatments are optimized, you will require fewer office visits, laboratory tests and trips to urgent care facilities. According to recent studies, when patients who took advantage of their pharmacist’s drug-therapy management services, they found their cost of health care went down by an average of nearly $100 each time.

Let the experienced pharmacists at Tayler Prescriptions help you do the same. Contact us today and ask one of our pharmacists about what Drug Therapy Management services might be best for you.