Our Long-Term Care Benefits

Our goal is to make the medication process as painless as possible. With more than 30 years of experience in long-term care, our experts are able to anticipate patient needs, providing assistance that is both reliable and cost-effective. We offer many helpful pharmacy services and benefits to patients and facilities, including:

  • Multiple Medication Packaging options for simple and accurate medication administration
  • Free Medication Deliveries 6 days a week
  • Emergency after-hour deliveries 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (including all holidays)
  • On-Call Pharmacists at all times, providing 24-hour services
  • State-Approved Customized Medication Administration Records (MARs). We offer paper and electronic MARs (eMARs)
  • Web-based Portal and Communications
  • On-Site Training to all long-term care staff when needed
  • Medication carts (Variety of sizes and colors)
  • Medicine cups, gloves, tablet crushers and more
  • Fax machines and printers
  • Drug information handbook
  • Miscellaneous forms and reports

At Tayler Prescriptions, we pride ourselves in being one of the most consistent and reliable Long Term Care pharmacies in Michigan. We have been in business since 1965, and have specialized in long term care services for decades!

Whether you’re a patient requiring long-term care or a leader for a facility, you can rely on Tayler Prescriptions to fulfill your pharmacy needs. For more information about our long-term pharmacy services, contact Tayler Prescriptions of Farmington, Michigan today.